Scientific activity

Main areas of research prof. Ibodullaeva ZR


Medical psychology (UZB., 1st ed.), Tashkent., 2008, 378 pages
Medical psychology (UZB., 2nd ed), Tashkent., 2010, 446 pages
Medical psychology (UZB., 3-th edition), Tashkent., 2012, 393 pages
Nerve disease (UZB), Tashkent., 2013, 1000, p.
Nerve disease (UZB, RU), Tashkent., 2014, 1000, p.



Pregnancy and extragenital diseases (Section. Neurology). T. 1998. -336 pp. (Et al. Asadullayev MM
Diabetic doinsultnye cerebrovascular disease. T., 1999, 111 pp. (Co-author. Asadullayev MM Salakhova NS)
Algorithm for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of therapeutic profile (section. Neurology). T., 2003. 239 pp. (Co-author. Rahimbaeva GS, etc.).

Guidelines for doctors

Stroke and coma (UZB)., Tashkent., 2013, 193 p.
Epilepsy and epileptic syndromes. (UZB)., Tashkent., 2014, 120 p.
Neurology. For general practitioners (UZB.), Tashkent., 2015, 375str

Popular science

The brain and the mind (UZB, 1st ed.)., Tashkent., 2013, 303 p.
The brain and the mind (UZB, 2nd ed.)., Tashkent., 2015, 334 p.


Medical psychology. Workshop. Tashkent., 2012, 201 pages
Neuropsychology (UZB). Tashkent., 2014, 126 pages
Psychosomatic Medicine. Workshop. Tashkent., 2015, 96 pages

Training and guidelines

Private neurology (Ibodullaev ZR et al.). T., 1994. 74 p.
Cerebrovascular disease. (Ibodullaev ZR et al.). T. 1997. 68 p.
Study-and-monitoring program with the standards of answers by nervous diseases (Ibodullaev ZR et al.). T., 2000, 96 p.
A typical program of Neurology (Ibodullaev ZR et al.). T. 2006
Higher brain functions (Ibodullaev ZR et al.). T. 2005, 46 p.
Medical psychology. The state standard for master. (Ibodullaev ZR et al.). T. 2013. 24 p.
Medical psychology. A typical program for bachelors. (Ibodullaev ZR et al.) .. T., 2013
Medical psychology. The work program for undergraduate (Ibodullaev ZR et al.) .., T., 2013
Medical psychology. A typical program for the Masters. (Ibodullaev ZR et al.) .. T., 2013
Medical psychology. The work program for masters (Ibodullaev ZR et al.) .., T., 2013
Medical psychology. Methods of examination of patients, T., 2014


Clinical and neurophysiological features doinsultnyh cerebrovascular disease in non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Diss. on soisk. Ouch. degree candidate of medical sciences. T.1994., 124 pages
Hemispheric functional asymmetry and neuropsychological syndromes of cerebral stroke, the ways of their correction. Diss. on soisk. Ouch. Doctor degree. medical sciences. T. 2005, 247 p.

Popular articles

The automated system diagnostics comatose states (al. Vahidov AM). Med. Journal of Uzbekistan. 1991. № 8. P.52
Factor analysis – as an effective method for assessing voice disorders in hemispheric stroke. J. theor. and the wedge. Medicine, № 4, 2001, pp 110-114
History neuropsychological discoveries (the 100th anniversary of Luria). J. “Neurology”, №1, 2002, pp 48-51.
Clinic and dynamics of disorders of higher brain functions in hemispheric stroke. J. “Bulletin NAUKOVO doslidzhen» № 2, 2002. P. 86-87
Neuropsychological analysis of memory disorders in the hemorrhages in the thalamus. J. “Scientific notes”, St. Petersburg. Number 2, 2002, pp 125-127.
Neuropsychology of cerebral stroke in the light of the concept of functional brain asymmetry. J. “Neurology” № 4. 2002 ,. S. 42-43.
New in the interpretation and classification Reoentsefalografichesky and reovazograficheskih indicators (al. Asadullayev MM). J. “Neurology”. № 4, 2002, pp 97-98.
Rare neuropsychological syndromes in lesions of different brain structures. J. “Neurology”, № 4, 2002, pp 98-100.
Neuropsychological manifestations of lacunar infarcts of bilateral parietal-occipital region of the brain. J. nevrol. and a psychiatrist. Number 9, 2002. P.52 – 53
The syndrome of unilateral spatial agnosia in lesions of deep structures of the right hemisphere of the brain. Neurological Journal, № 4, 2003, p. 22-25.
Efficiency instenon correction of disorders of higher brain functions in patients in acute and early recovery period of ischemic stroke. Neurological Journal, № 1, 2003, p. 37-39.
Methods of study of functional asymmetry of the brain. J. Pathology., № 3-4, 2003, p. 83-85
Neuropsychological symptoms of focal brain lesions in left-handers. Scientific prakt.konf. T. 16-18 apr.2003. S. 53-54.
Profile of lateral organization of the brain and EEG indices of inter-hemispheric functional asymmetry in the acute stage of hemispheric ischemic stroke. J. theor. and the wedge. Medicine, №1, 2004, pp 10-13.
The concept of psychological defense of the brain in cerebral stroke. Bulletin of the Association of Physicians of Uzbekistan, № 2, 2004, pp 120-121.
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Formation and development of medical psychology. Proceedings of the 1st Congress of Psychiatrists of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, 2015,

Brain and mind

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